Home Insurance


With many insurance carriers to choose from, Atlas Insurance Agency can help you find exactly the right coverage at the right price for your individual, home needs. Whether you own a home, are building one, or rent your dwelling, we can help you get the insurance coverage for which you are looking.

Home Insurance

For many, their home is their largest asset. At Atlas Insurance, we will find the right carrier and coverage to make sure your home investment is properly insured. We offer a variety of comprehensive homeowner policies tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Renters Insurance

If you rent, we can help provide the right insurance. Renters insurance provides coverage for all your contents, including furniture, clothes, television, electronics, dishes and other personal possessions. Renters insurance also provides liability coverage.

Manufactured or Mobile Home Insurance

Do you live in a manufactured or mobile home? If so, we can help provide the proper insurance. We work with our customers to find the necessary coverage to protect their home and contents. Put us to work for you today.

Builders Insurance

Builders risk insurance provides coverage for your home while it is being built. This protects you, the owner, from a fire or tornado ruining your dream home before completion. It is common that your builder will have this insurance in place, but it is best to make sure.